maximize efficiency & profitability

By eliminating trips to the aggregate pit you will not only save wear and tear on your trucks but you will save valuable time on a per job basis.  With easy set up high maneuverability, the GCI RELOADER is a must have addition to any fleet or one man show!


Placing aggregate can be one of the most time-consuming and costly tasks at a job site but it doesn’t have to be.  Call today to learn about the most versatile and efficient materials placement systems on the market The Ultra Stone Slinger and the new GCI RELOADER.

Storm Water Retention and Detention Filling


Unload 1000 Tons/Day


Unload 20 tons in under 3 minutes


Fast and easy setup


Can be pulled with a 3/4 ton Pickup Truck


Commercial and Residential Applications


Drastically save wear & tear on your aggregate placing truck by eliminating multiple trips to aggregate pits.